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    • By Re.Far

      We succeed to publish a small game on googleplay named "sting attack"


      Now we need help of someone experienced in marketing.
      We expect you be active and update our different pages each week and maybe each day. You should market this game and our other game (which is a large scale game for PC) and starts newly for develop.

      If you are interested please let me know and please send your resume too.

      Contact info: rezfar_8@yahoo.com
    • By CocoaColetto
      Can I get in trouble for naming my game similar to one that's not in the same genre? For instance, if a game is named Playarada and I name my game Playarade, can I get in trouble? Be mindful that the games would be in two completely different genres. Thank you!
    • By DreamHack Activities
      3 Reasons Indies Should Apply for DreamHack's New Activities
      Coming to Austin June 1-3
      We're expanding our DreamHack events to encompass a "Gaming Lifestyle" approach. So basically we're bringing a ton of new content to the already massive show that focuses on Indies, Tabletop, Films, Students, Art, and more. Of course this means we're making everything we're already doing even bigger and more awesome such as Esports, LAN, Music, Expo, and pretty much everything else.
      The Top 3 Activities Indies Should Apply For...
      1. Indie Playground: The Indie Playground is a curated area where games entered into our competition before the event have a chance to win a complimentary booth to showcase their game. The selected games are organized into 12 genre categories that are reflected in the layout of the Indie Playground. Multiple titles are selected for each genre ensuring attendees will enjoy as many indie titles as possible. It's free to enter and those selected will score a FREE 10'x10' booth. We're pretty flexible on what you can send us. If you're not finished with your game yet you can definitely still submit. We've judged and accepted tons of unfinished video games, tabletop, etc. before.
      Entry form....https://tinyurl.com/DH-IndiePlayground
      Deadline: April 20, 2018
      2. Game Pitch Championship: The Game Pitch Championship was created to help build the skills you need to successfully get your product out there. Many developers are talented and either nail the build they have to show but don’t really nail the business plan or they nail the business plan and not the build. With a pitch, you have a short time to impress so you need to nail it all. This competition will not only help hone your skills with industry vets guiding your progress through the competition, but you’ll win accolades too. You could also win $2,500!
      Entry Form....https://tinyurl.com/DH-GamePitchChamp
      Prize: $2,500 USD
      Deadline: April 20, 2018
      3. Art Gallery: Exactly as it sounds, our gallery showcases some of the most amazing artists in video games, tabletop, comics, anime, and more. DreamHack staff select a number of works then we just print cool art on canvas for FREE—your game gets a slice of advertising while our fans enjoy a non-TV wall on the expo floor. It doesn't even require you to be onsite for the event, so this one should be a no-brainer.
      Entry Form....https://tinyurl.com/DH-GameArtGallery
      Deadline: April 20, 2018
      Good luck!! Reach out to sydney.mantrom@dreamhack.com for questions.

    • By Squid Networks

      Important links

      Website | Whitepaper | Onepager Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn
      SQUID token - SQWD

      Opportunity for early supporters
      We are now at stage where we are able to start making connections with game developers who would be interested in being a part of Squid Networks in the future, not only would you be guaranteed a place on the Squid Platform but other incentives such as SQWD tokens and have a say in how the platform work, as after all game developers are extremely important in the market.
      If you are interested in be apart of Squid Networks please don't hesitate to get in touch respond on this thread or email us:
      Learn more about what we've done so far

      Key developments
      Whitepaper version 1.0 is live - 05/04/18
      Video explainer is live - 10/04/18
    • By Alex Snyder
      My university class this term is prompting me to ask a few questions, and hopefully you guys could help me out. I'm supposed to crowdsource ideas and techniques on how to "sell" my prototype asset. For context, my prototype is a procedural weapon generator similar to the one used by the Borderlands series.
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Marketing How the hell do you even get people to play your game? Tired everything!

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SO i released my game Fehu. And it's not BAD. Its ok. Ive played worse with much more downloads. HOW?!




I read some articles did everything I can think of.

I posted on forums, posted to facebook pages that review apps, made a boosted facebook post(i can't afford an ad), made an adwords campaign(again small budget) and im sure some more stuff that i cant remember right now. Anywho I got like 14 downloads 7 of wihich are my friends. So HOW TF do people get users? Whats the mystery. This is the only thing i dont understand AT ALL!


I got a good store listing i think:


And i got a barren facebook dev page:



So ideas? Help?

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And it's not BAD. Its ok.


That pretty much sums it up right there.  Second best is first loser.


To be competitive in a worldwide market you need to be best-in-class, only-in-class, or somehow provide a better value to the player than the competition does. 

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Yes I get that. But I am ok with not being the best. Not with this game. Im looking for a minimal success. Like 1000 downloads. DO i have to be the best for that?

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Moving this to Business. You're not asking a development question but a marketing question. Marketing is business. Edited by Tom Sloper

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I feelz for ya. It's frustrating when you've put a lot of hard work into a game only for it to be relatively unnoticed. I think the answer was your budget. You did everything within your budget, but as you said you could have done more with a greater budget. Enterprise gaming companies have the advantage of a high budget for maximum advertising exposure.


Edit: I think your best bet (if you haven't already done so) is to do some heavy google searching for all ways on how to get your game noticed. I don't think you ever have to completely give up on getting a game noticed.

Edited by Patliteon

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14 downloads 7 of wihich are my friends. So HOW TF do people get users?

Advertise on places where you know mobile users like to gather. 

Facebook and forums like gamedev.net is a bad place to look for mobile users. The people browsing the site on mobile is just quickly checking things and have no intent on downloading apps.

The people typing and responding on PC are charging their phones, or just don't want to stand up and look for them.


Places like Imgur that sees a large mobile user base for long periods of time will be better places for advertising.

HOWEVER, don't scheme or dance around the point, doing something foolish like asking them for advice when you only intend to advertise will only irritate people. As humans we understand that people are trying to sell us stuff(or get us to play there games), we hate being mislead or lied to.


It's also important not to force something or to sound desperate. "The more you want, the less you get."-some smart person or such.

It's like how in freemium games the more something is advertised and pushed into a players face the less they want it.

Edited by Scouting Ninja

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- There's no video on the app store page explaining how to play it which doesn't help converting people from the app store page into a download. Even after reading the page description, I have no idea what the game is about.

- The screen shots look blurry? Is that intentional?

- Can users share their high scores on social media like Twitter/Facebook from the app?


As the others mentioned, it's a small casual game and it's almost impossible to get noticed without some sort of marketing budget and plan on these types of games. If it had/has a unique selling point (e.g art, game style, innovative gameplay mechanic) then standing out becomes that much easier.

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Anywho I got like 14 downloads 7 of wihich are my friends.
Im looking for a minimal success. Like 1000 downloads.

How much did you spend yo get those 7 users?

Off the top of my head, the cost to acquire a mobile user is about $1 (and $5 for a PC user), so you'll probably need to spend a few thousand dollars on advertising to reach the level of success that you want.

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I won't disagree it's an absolute slog getting downloads .. some of it is pure marketing, which is quite different from developing, and I personally find a bit morally distasteful. <_< But there you go it's a large part of the battle, unless you happen to go viral.


That said, on first look at your game, my thoughts would be:


1) Where's the graphics?

2) What makes it different from umpteen million similar games?


Yeah, and as said, lack of video was a thing too.


Programmer art is great for development, but realistically it is not likely to get you downloads. On 2, if it is in fact similar to umpteen million games (let's face it for most games, a lot of mechanics are non-original), what about putting a slant on it, like making it trump and clinton or something topical.

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Like 1000 downloads. DO i have to be the best for that?


When I started, to sell 1000 units at a $20 price point with a 2% download-to-sales conversion rate required about 50,000 downloads.  I got 10,000+ downloads the first week just off of AOL (this was before the web).


1% conversion rate is considered average. so 1000 downloads would typically get you about 10 sales. and 1000 sales usually requires about 100,000 downloads.


but the numbers may differ for very low priced games.   lower prices would tend to increase conversion rate, but additional competition will tend to lower it.


The secret of course, is marketing, marketing, marketing - and then some more marketing.  Building a game is only half the work.   Marketing and sale fulfillment it is the other half. 


If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door, but only if you tell them about it!  So first you have to build a better mouse trap - not just yet another mousetrap - a better mouse trap.   And then you have to tell the world about it.   But until you build a better mousetrap, you have nothing worth telling them.


You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you make the best impression you can by making the best game you can.


The mobile market is so flooded with "me too!" titles, that average just ain't gonna cut it.  Not if you really want to succeed.

Edited by Norman Barrows

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