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Let's talk about octree compression ratio.

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My current implementation has about

100% -> 80% compression, is it any good?


My implementation just prune a seed in the map,

and expand out in 4 directions, namely NE, NW, SE, SW

merge them when they fall in the size threshold.


Eventually, the loop runs out of nodes, and exits out.


Actually, I can do better, but for this time

I can try to merge E, E-E, S, S-S, SE, SE-SE etc




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I'm... having a terrifically hard time parsing this post.

Are you actually using an octree? Because from your description of 4 planar directions, it sounds more like a quadtree.

Also I have no idea what compression ratios would mean in the context of a spatial partitioning structure. Do you mean you want to merge adjacent nodes into larger ones?

If so, have you looked at kd-trees instead? Octrees (and quadtrees for that matter) are based on regular subdivisions. They're not ideal for merging irregular areas/volumes.

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