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Norman Barrows

Rock toss mini-game using combat engine: worth the effort?

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The game: Caveman v3.0, a FPSRPG / person sim hybrid.





I'm thinking of adding a rock toss mini game that uses the combat engine.   But its a fair amount of work.    From my notes...


1. so band members get 5 new vars:
i'm playing rock toss
opponent ID
opponent is band member (as opposed to NPC. band members should be able to play against each other - right?)
my score
who's throw it is
2. npcs get 3 new vars
i'm playing rock toss
opponent ID (opponent is always a band member)
my score
3. missiles get one new var:
throw is valid (came from throwing line).
4. need two new kinds of objects or a way to flag two existing objects as throwing line and target.
5. need NPC AI to tell the player to go when they take too long, 
6. need NPC AI to walk to throwing line, turn to target, and throw.  
7. need to add code to the existing attack routines to inc turn when either participant throws, and flag missiles as valid throws, and show dialog for player shooting out of turn. 
8. need to add collision checks between missiles and targets - these will inc score, show dialog for player hits, player misses, NPC hits, NPC misses, and will end the game if they win.

Do you think its worth the effort?


Code will have to be added to declare, initialize, load, save, change, and use all the new variables.


Telling them to go when they take too long would require even more vars to track when their turn started.  


I already have AI code that can be trivially copy/paste/edited to walk to the line, turn, and throw.


Depending on the height of the target and how I do the collision checks, additional AI may be required for proper up and down targeting of throws.


Adding a new kind of object to the game typically takes an hour or more once you have art assets. You have to fill in its stats, add an action to find or make it, add in an action to use it, etc.  Most of the work of adding a new object is any new art assets, and the new actions required for it.


Adding a new action is non-trivial. You have to fill in its prerequisites, and add code to trigger the action, and code to run the action.


If I do all this, you'd be able to go up to an NPC and say "want to play some rock toss?". and if they said yes, you could drop a throwing line object and a target object, and equip your throwing rock weapon and go for it. And the NPC would comment on your throws, and all that kind of good stuff. almost like a scripted cut scene you can walk around in, but you're playing a game, its not just a canned cut scene.

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