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Looking for a Talented Illustrator to collaborate on a Mobile Incremental Crafting RPG Game

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Hello, I'm not sure if this is out of context. If it is feel free to delete this post.
    About Us & Crafter Game:
We are 2 experienced programmers working on a mobile crafting RPG game since January. “Crafter Game” takes place in the age of Neanderthals and the goal is to craft every major invention created by humans during the stone ages. 
We are serving a passionate and hands-on community of the most awesomest players who actively suggest ideas and features everyday. Crafter Game is already generating revenue and has a few thousand users. We update the game weekly and receive an average of 4.7 rating every week. We have similar retention rates to Clash of Clans. 
Alpha trailer: 
Here is the soft launched version of the game (only iOS): 
We succeeded in making a game a small amount of players love a lot, now the next step is increasing the number of players our game appeals to. 
    What we're Looking for:
A talented illustrator to remotely work with us and make this plan a reality. The ideal person we’re looking for likes to play crafting/survival games, is a startup/product minded generalist who will not only work on the illustration but also help on the UX, brand, game design. Age, education, sex, location does not matter as long as you’re good and passionate about our game.
Currently we have 30 characters, 300 items, 17 skill icons, 6 tiles, 10 buttons, 7 misc, 6 backgrounds in the game. All the images are static and 2D. Our guess is the artwork will take about 1-3 months to complete. The art style would probably work best with a unique stylized 2D serious cartoon between eastern and western styles. A style similar to [Pocket Mortys](https://www.google.com.tr/search?q=pocket+mortys&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwju0Iv_9OTPAhXJtRoKHeDVAwkQ_AUICCgB&biw=1228&bih=636) might work. Hand drawing might also work, we have a lot of ideas about this and examples we can show but we’re willing to leave this to the artist if they have a better opinion.
    Contact Us!
Post or message any questions you might have. Send us your portfolio, work samples, steam account(To verify that you're no noob). Ask me for redeem codes if you need. You can reach out via email or reddit PM. Email is: "my_username"@gmail.com
Also if you really liked this post but are not an illustrator, send a message anyways.

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