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Small team for a simple RTS

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Hi all!


I am creating a simple RTS game and decided it would be way more fun to work with others.  I do not intend to sell it and will probably release the game free along with source code.  The art/music will be given according to whatever license the artist/musician decides.



What I am offering (no money, this is a hobby project):

I am ~30yo and have been programming for years, but have never built a game before.

I will lead the project.

I am using Java and Slick2D; coding in NetBeans; and using Git and BitBucket for source control.

For a rough code size esimate, including lots of empty space, the code is about 3.5K lines so far.

The team so far:
Myself and one other programmer, three artists, and two composers (one sound tech).
The game so far:
A tile-based RTS.
Lots of units, big masses fight, things die quickly.
Post-apocalyptic fantasy.
Units auto-spawn and explore, fight, etc. Players choose what to build and priorities.



What I am looking for:

People that want to hang out online (Skype/Mumble) and build cool stuff together; specifically:

1-2 programmers (experienced enough to work on a project this big)

Project Plan:
1. Make it possible to play individual matches single player against up to three AI opponents.
2. Add tech-tree elements and unique building/unit types to fit the theme.
3. Add static art and move and attack animations.
4. Add some basic game sounds and a few tracks
5. Release v1.0.
6. Gauge team's skill and interest and create v2.0.
7. Add writers and composers.
8. Visual polish (eg. UI flair, building animations, idle animations, better water).
9. Add a story mode campaign.
10. Add more music.
11. Audio polish (eg. more/better sounds, voice-acting for the story).
12. Simple multiplayer; can connect to friends to play matches together.
13. Add ability to set AI skill level.
14. Release v2.0.
I hope this sounds interesting and fun.  I'd love any comments and feedback as well.
Thank you!
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Hey Enduinn, this looks interesting. I'm looking to get into music, and maybe we can help each other out. Please send me an email at ichbineinrusse@gmail.com and we can chat some more. This game seems really cool, so it should be fun to work on.

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Shoot me an email if you are still working on this. I am a Game Art and Design Student with a little unity and u4 xp. I mainly focus on backgrounds and hard surface modeling, textures and "low poly" 3D work.


Here is my info,


Portfolio: Behance.net/kfoster01

Email: Kfostergraphics@gmail.com

Skype: Kevin.Foster01

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