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Why is my coordinate space transformation wrong? (Tangent -World)

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Hi guys,
I am trying to teach myself graphicsprogramming, but sometimes I stumble over some things.
I try to convert a normal that I get from sampling a normal map into worldspace.
My thoughts on this:
A vector x can be expressed as a linear combination of three scalar values a1,a2,a3 like this:

x = e1 * a1 + e2 * a2 + e3 * a3 = [e1,e2,e3] * (a1,a2,a3).
e1, e2, e3 are vectors that form a basis of a vector space.
Assume that M is the change of basis matrix that converts from vector space [e1,e2,e3] to [f1,f2,f3].
M * [e1,e2,e3] = [f1,f2,f3]
To get M I do the following: M = [f1,f2,f3] * [e1,e2,e3]^T (1)

In this special case let [e1,e2,e3] be [Tangent,Bitangent,Normal] (They are basis vectors, right?):
To convert a sampled vector v=[Tangent,Bitangent,Normal] * v' to world space I do the following:

M * [Tangent, Bitangent, Normal] * v' = [W1,W2,W3] * v'.
=> M * v = [W1,W2,W3] * v' =(1)=> [W1,W2,W3] * [Tangent,Bitangent,Normal]^T * v =? "Point in world space"

However this produces wrong results. I read online that M should be [Tangent,Bitangent,Normal], so I implemented it that way and it works.
But I also want to get the math behind this. So why is my solution not working? And whats the math behind the correct solution?

Thank you guys

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There are a number of things that could be the issue, and without a bit more info it will be hard to narrow it down. Shortlisted are 1) what type of multiplication are you using, V*M or M*V. 2) what handedness are the spaces(and are they all the same).  Can you provide some code to show how you are attempting to use it?

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so in my shader I do this (Z-Up, objects have no transformations)
out mat3 TBN
TBN = mat3(0,1,0, 0,0,1 ,1,0,0) * transpose(mat3(Tangent, Bitangent, Normal));
So mat3(Tangent,Bitangent,Normal) should do this:
[Tangent.x, Tangent.y, Tangent.z       ]
[Bitangent.x, Bitangent.y, Bitangent.z]
[Normal.x, Normal.y, Normal.z            ]

And after the transpose() I should end up with      [Tangent.x,... ]
                                                                         [Tangent.y, ...]
                                                                         [Tangent.z, ...]   
So now I should be in world space.

1) I am using M * V assuming M is the change of basis matrix and V is the normal.
2) Right handed coordinate systems, Z-Up.

Thank you ;)

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Okay so it turns out that my mat3 creates matrices in column major order. So if I do mat3(Tangent, Bitangent, Normal) I am actually already assigning the transposed matrix.

Anyways thank you

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