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Most exposure on VR

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I am creating a hobby VR game.

I would like to get as much exposure as possible.

The game is designed to be super-simple to control (gaze controlled), and as such, can run on any platform. (no need to adjust for controllers)


I've owned an Occulus DK1 when it launched, but I sold it after playing around with it and seeing that the eco-system was not yet evolved.


I would like to get the biggest exposure I can get, for the least porting effort. I am not trying to make any money (this is a hobby), but rather am trying to make the biggest splash.


ATM I am developing for Google Cardboard assuming that's what most people are likely to have.

Also google daydream is coming out soon, so I guess that also adds points to developing VR in android.


However, the game is being developed in Unity, so I can easily port it anywhere else.


Assuming that I cannot develop for Playstation, because I am not a big licensed developer, Is there any other platform I should target which would give me a big quantity of quality installs? 


The game will be free, so there is no pricing issue.


Possible platforms:

1. Samsung GearVR

2. Iphone version of cardboard

3. Occulus

4. Steam

5. Any other VR platform that I am not aware of.


Will any one of these yield a considerably higher install rate than google cardboard?

PS: I want people to actually play the game, installing it is not enough...

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