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Issue with Construct2 and Firefox

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FIrst time poster and it's about an issue I'm having with Construct2 and Firefox.


We started a project in class and my teammate and I aren't that "fluent" in Construct2 but we managed to have two players moving on screen, player 1 has the default control of the 8-direction behavior and the second has 8-direction too but uses zqsd as movement (through simulate 8-direction).


Thing is once we launch the layout, player1 moves with the arrows but using any other keys bring up the quick find of Firefox.


I've tried deactivating every extension but the result is the same. Is this a known bug of Firefox and is there a fix?




ps: using internet explorer is not considered a fix, but a temporary workaround. :P

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That sounds like a workaround too.


I actually have the opposite annoyance in my game in firefox, but I'm not using Constuct2: pressing ctrl+F fails to pop up the find menu. So it's definitely possible to prevent key-presses to be grabbed by the application and prevent firefox from picking them up for search and keyboard shortcuts. But I don't know how it's done or if it's possible with Construct2.

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