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starfield on 2d space game

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The big question I need help to answer is if making the starfield move or not.


The problem I have is that with a static starfield the game feels too empty, I can't explain it better but fixing the background only the ships, shoots, explosions and some base feels too few to fill the screen.

Making the starfield move feels a lot unrealistic and wrong but on the other end it makes a sense of general movement, and with the same elements it gives a better feeling of completeness overall.


I studied many other games and they don't seem (imo) to have found any better solution, some fill the background with asteroids and crap, but I really dislike that both as realism (there aren't that many asteroids c'mon) and as boringness (really too many in some game), some have many planets which imo is equally ridicolous, I mean one planet is ok, maybe 1 moon but if you put too many if feels really forced.

Something I remember working quite nice visually had some human made background constructions, like starbases, some buidings had a sort of iceberg view that made the "playable part" be small and close and a bigger part feel like a background.

This was great, only it would require a lot of money and/or time to make.


Any other idea to help fill the world with "background" ideas different from asteroids and or a way to make the starfield work?

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