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Distance to the nearest wall

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Currently, I am comparing the distance by using a raycast from the object to the static mesh.

which isn't quite correct, since the static mesh can have a hollow body, so the ray won't hit anything,

or get hit at a far distance, the wall at the very far end.


So I try to compare against the bounding boxes of each frame in the hierarchy which will lead to

a performance hit if the hierarchy is very huge.


Is it possible to form a large irregular tight bounding volume of the static geometry.

So that a ray can be casted on it?






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Is it possible? Sure. You can design a system that uses a coarse mesh and a fine mesh for testing, often called narrow-phase and broad-phase tests.

Generally the solution is to start with smaller objects and use a spatial tree. After that another solution is to tag items with a specific attribute, which can help if you need to further reduce your search. Combining them, you would have your spatial grid look in concentric rings for objects with the tag.

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