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Looking for Artist/writer partner. SRPG prototype here!

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TLDR: 2D / turn-based programmer looking for artist / writer to create our own game. If it's quality enough to be for sale we'll split the revenue.





About myself:


I've been in software development industry for businesses for over 10 years, full SLDC scope and team lead role blah blah blah. Heavily motivated to develop games. I have a sound knowledge on logics, processes & stuff like that, hence would like to start with a turn-based engine first. Created a very simple SRPG as a test bed. It's pretty playable, but our game doesn't need to be SRPG. It can be a visual novel, card game, 4x, simulation or any combinations depending on the writing & art style of the artist I'll eventually work with. In the future I'll definitely pick up on action gameplay and even Unity/XNA for 3D, but for now I'll like to start with turn-based first.


About the partner I'm seeking:


Hopefully someone as motivated as I am, and we'll work off each other's strengths. If you're good at stories and dialogues we will create epic visual novels with some gameplay. If you're good with art & animation then maybe some sand-box game will do. Would be great if you're an aspiring comic/manga artist as I found many of them to have workable ideas for games - even free ones like One Punch Man or Tower of God.


About this small prototype:


**Disclaimer - requires .Net 4.0, and tested only by me. Run it off vm or save&close all important documents just in case.


I spent about 20-30 hours (including crawling the web for free resources) over a week writing this from scratch to confirm that my corporate-ish development skills works for games too. There's a working SRPG engine, basic AI and pathfinding, and animations via gif or multiple images. I have purposely made all resources in the 'res' folder so you can look at them too. Again I'm not looking to complete this game, our game don't need to be SRPG. Even if it were to be, we can customize everything (tiles or backgrounds, huge character images instead of the RpgMaker standards) since I'll definitely write the code up from scratch.


Still interested?


Drop me a pm with your email and links to some sample art / storyboard you'll willing to share. If you have related work (unfinished games, comics, fanfic, roleplay forums etc) its even better. Apologies to all pixel - artists but at this moment I'm not seeking to work with these.






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