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Straining Coasters

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A few years ago I wrote a game with a friend during a small game jam. We rapidly extended the concept into a small PC game and finally I decided to port it on mobile under the name Straining Coasters. Compared to the PC version, this one has been totally redone visually and redesigned for mobile devices.


The game consists into riding roller coasters armed with a plunger gun to grab the balloons scattered along the tracks. A lot of obstacles will be on your path but hopefully you are also equipped with a huge cannon that will destroy them and create impressive chain reactions. This is a game that demands good reflexes.


On the technical part, the game was done with an engine we wrote for our other games at the time (named the Bear Engine, written in C++ and initially created for Plee the Bear). Of course I had to optimize it for mobile devices and port it to Android.


There is still a lot of things to do before releasing the final game. I'm thinking about adding some power up to make some levels easier, plugging in social networks, handling the player's account on several devices or also adding rewarded videos. In the meantime I would need your feedback, so click the following link to make your opinion!


>> Install the game on your device <<

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I have released a new version today with the following changes:


- The level endings use a cleaner presentation and displays the score threshold for each medal so the player knows how far he is from winning a medal.

- Buttons have been redrawn for a more uniform style in the application.
- All fonts have been replaced with nicer ones.
- Beating the boss is not required to access the next serial but it is to access the bonus levels.
- The cursor is now hidden.


Now I'm going to work on making easier to shoot with the cannon and to design some very short tutorial levels. Please test the game and give me your feeling! :)


The link to download the game is still the same. You can also find it on the Play Store.

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I have just released an update with some nice features!

There is now a tutorial to explain how to use the plungers and the cannon and to tell what to do with the balloons, the birds and the zeppelins.

A clever hint is displayed on the navigation buttons to tell where are the next levels to be completed.

Notifications are sent to try to bring the player back in the game if he does not play for a long time. It is a difficult part to tune as they must be sent frequently to stimulate the player but no too frequently to avoid flooding.

Interstitial ads appear less frequently.

As usual you can install the beta with HockeyApp or using the Play Store.

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