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Looking for amateur programmer to partner for game project

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This post is mainly for people who just started learning programming/coding, or those who are even a bit more advanced, and want to make their first game.


I am in the process of designing a small RTS game set in the Napoleonic wars using 2d pixel graphics from my own design.

However, I just started learning programming and coding, and I want someone else to become part of this project to join me in programming the game.


Gameplay wise expect the following:

-It contains structures for spawning units;

-levels are made up out of "roads" going straight left and right on which the units will march;

-an enemy AI will be based on the other side of the field (map) spawning units moving towards your base;

-you have to manage resources (coin and morale) to train units and use special abilities;

-strategy of the game is to send certain types of units against the enemy's units on the specific "roads" to counter and eventually overun enemy base.


This is a concise summary of what needs to be programmed.


The main goal of this project is to learn by practice and maybe even get a fun game out of it, so I am looking for someone who is new to it as well and wants to take up the challenge to make his own first game with me.


I don't really have any conditions to age or what not for the person to work with me, so feel free to contact me.


meeting up online and voice chatting will be

If you're interested send me a pm or leave a comment!

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Thank you to everyone showing your interest, but I have partnered up with someone and am no longer in need of a programmer!

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