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C++ DirectxTK Spritebatch.Draw problem

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I am trying to get SpriteBatch.Draw to work with the overload that takes in a texture, a world position, and a rectangle.

I can get both the World Position and texture to work just fine. But I can't get the rectangle to work properly.

Looking through simplemath, it shows that Rectangle has some overloads for RECT, which I think is a windows type.

But Visual Studios says that there is some sort of problem where there is no overload availiable to match Rectangle.


Here is the Overloaded Draw function I am trying to use.






Here is the rectangle struct definition from simple math.


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When posting an error, please post the code you're trying, and the associated error message + error code. Show, don't describe.


My guess is you have to use the operator cast overload and store in a temporary before using a pointer to that as a parameter of Draw.



EDIT: That is, something like this...

RECT sourceRect = static_cast<RECT> sourceRectangle;
Draw(texture, position, &sourceRect, ...);
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