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Framework to build UI (kind of static game)

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Hello there,
I am designing a small RGP game for mobile (android wanted, iOS wished) in Java. I need some help in the way to construct the UI.

This is NOT a 2d or 3d game in which you move a character across levels, with collision detection and so on. It is a game in which the user goes from area to area in a map by clicking a button (go North, go west,...). In a area, he has the ability the give orders to the character (explore, eat, sleep, speak to, pick up,...) by clicking buttons. Also, the user can see the global map showing explored areas in a kind of table, see the character's inventory, stats, so several screens in the game. So it not the kind of game that quick-starts or tutorials usually show when searching for develop a game. (Usually, it's always 2d game with levels... May I missed one you can link me?)

I have a good vision for the logic stuff, but I can't take a decision for the way to build the UI. I identified several ways to construct it:

- standard Android UI : quite easy to build basic UI, but I am afraid of the advanced UI stuff (drawing the full map, construct the area visual based on what there are in that area, add small animations when clicking buttons, graphical overal, ...). Moreover I would need to code again the whole stuff if i wish to port to iOS.

- JavaFX: i tried it, i managed to do some good stuff with it for example drawing to world with explorer areas, move the character from area to another. But I am a bit unconfortable with the way of drawing things to the screen, calculating every positions of what has to be displayed (generally image/buttons), based on the screen size. I feel that it verbose and will be complicated to make modifications when there will be lots of elements on screen. Maybe I am wrong, but it's a feeling.

- libgdx and scene.ui: I did some little work with it for now. It appears to me as a very good lib to make 2d games, so not exactly what i am looking for. The scene.ui appears so verbose for all the buttons/images/labels/containers with the skins. Like, javafx, every positions has to be calculating. BUT looks great for cross platform and screen management.

Would you give me your opinions to build that UI?
What do you think about the three frameworks i have already explored?
Have you got other tools to efficiently manage the layouts and UI elements?

If you need more information about the gameplay, just ask ?

Thanks a lot

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Which ever you feel the most comfortable with to be honest. This is something along the lines of being opinion based.


I've made similar games to what you're trying to do in the past. But that was with Adobe Flash. Which is really one big ui.

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