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IOS Level up system

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Hi guys, 


so I'm studying a masters course and within that I have to make an app. now, I don't want to go into to much detail about what this app is but it involves gamification. 


Basically what I need to figure out is, 


when a timer reaches 0 how would I program the app to then give out EXP that goes towards levelling up? I don't need stats to go up, i literally just need a piece of text to change when the correct amount of EXP is gained. 


for example: 


level 0 


exp needed = 200exp


timer starts and finishes, the app gives out 200EXP


level 0 changes to level 1. 


I hope this makes sense, I'm so so sorry if not I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff. 


thank you so much in advance, 


- Fenderbee




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1) giving answers to homework is generally frowned upon

2) if this is a Master's level course, surely you have some programming background to be able to get into a Graduate Program involving....well programming.  This questions smells of nearly no programming knowledge.



but....high high level..


1 - have a variable that keeps track of player exp

2 - start a timer

3 - when the timer finishes add to the player exp

4 - check if the exp is enough for the next level

I come from a live musician background, and the course is interactive media. so i have no programming background, the course is designed to start people off on that stuff but since its such a huge thing I thought I'd ask experts for advice. So comments like that are really not needed...I'm very aware I know nothing, I'm seeking advice on how to approach this. 

I have a realy simple base formular to determine the XP to Level marker for

level = sqrt(xp) * factor

Where factor could be choosen to modify the XP curve

Thank you very much for the help bud! :)

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