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Want to create your own 2D RPG? Try our free engine

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Check out our game engine - maker:



What is it?
In short it's a 2D graphical RPG maker directly usable from your browser,
which let you create multi player games. You can upload your own art
(and soon your music too), change all the game rules, edit the maps,
place monsters, create quests, and much more.
Who can be interested?
Whoever want to create his/her own 2D rpg or just even want to play one.
How much does it cost?
You can start without paying a cent and we offer a more complete package
for a little price: https://www.dotworldmaker.com/prices.html
Can I make money with it?
Yes you can, as we will introduce premium shops such that your players can
spend money on your game. There will be a fee on the sales most likely but
you shall get most of the money. Payment for your players and for you
will be done via Paypal.
Can I create a big game with it?
Yes you can create really really huge games, with loads of maps and content.
We doubt you will ever reach the limits of our system.
Do I need to download something to start?
No it's all fully working within your browser using HTML5 technologies (JS and Canvas).
No need to download anything neither for you nor your players.
Will my game be playable from mobile devices?
Yes games are playable from mobile devices. We optimized the layout and handle touch screens,
therefore you don't need to worry about where the game will be played. You can also create directly

standalone (and offline) Androids APP out of your game.

When shall the product be ready to be used?
You can start using our product right now.
Can I save / export my game?
We do offer backup and restore of your game data, which you can save on your PC.
However we don't have a plan yet to let you export the code to run it on your
computer or another server.
How can my players access the game I designed?
Every game created with our tool is accessible as <your_game_name>.dotworld.me
Using this URL your players access directly your game without jumping on our home site.
Will you offer some content as start point?
Yes we offer 2 different base content you could choose from and use for your
own game creation. You can also import the demo game as start point if you want to lean.
What about security?
We implement cheat detections to avoid player trying to cheat your games.
Who participate in this project?
Currently we are 2 people, an artist creating art, and working on our game,
and myself working on the code.


Map editor:



Zone manager:



NPC Editor:


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You are welcome.


The engine just received a first version of a pixel editor which lets you edit your sprites directly from there:


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