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Looking for a programmer (Preferably C# or C++, but any language is fine really)

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This game will be done in pixel art (Because I'm fairly good at it) and I don't know anything about coding, so I need someone else to do it. I can only sprite on the weekend (Because of school) if you wanted to know. This game will be a top-down survival shooter, probably done in either multiple pre-made levels, one very big level, or a randomly generated level. There will be different weapons, upgradable stats, 2 characters (Male and female), multiple different enemies, bosses, rounds (Round 1 of enemies, round 2 of enemies, etc.), money (You will use those to buy the different weapons), levelling system (You will get stat points to upgrade your stats), and probably a lot more as we work on the game more. Any programmers that are interested, I need you! :) Oh also, I forgot to mention, I'm not going to take beginner coders, because I want to get this game progressing as quickly as possible. You will also need a good bit of experience in AI coding as some of the boss/enemy attacks in this game will be somewhat complicated I think, but only time will tell if that's true or not. This is my first game I have worked on (Second project, if you count mods) and if you want any of my sprites to know my skill level on spriting, I will gladly show them to anyone. Anyway, I will stop rambling now. Any other information you may need, feel free to ask :)

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