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Simple video editing software

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Hi guys,


I'm pretty inexperienced with graphics and especially video production, and am looking for some relatively easy-to-use software for editing videos that I can use for creating trailers and some tutorial videos.  I'm happy to put some effort in to learning, but would prefer something reasonably intuitive and/or with some good learning resources available, and will be working on a Windows 10 PC with a reasonable amount of memory and processing power.


I do not need to be able to capture the initial footage in the same software, as I already have that part covered.


Obviously if there's a free or cheap option that will meet my needs that would be preferred, but I am willing to spend a reasonable amount of money if necessary to get what I want -- trial versions (preferred) or plenty of good reviews (as a fallback) would be preferred if I'm looking at spending more than about $100.  I'd also prefer an up-front cost rather than subscription unless subscription prices are very low.



Main features I'm looking for are as follows (I think these all should be pretty basic standards):

  • I need to be able to cut out bits of the original source video.
  • I need to be able to splice video from multiple sources together.
  • I'd like to be able to work with hi-def video, and be able to export to multiple resolutions.
  • I need to be able to overlay graphics or text
  • I'd like to be able to import separately produced audio tracks.



From some quick initial searching I'm taking a look at Adobe Premier Pro and Corel Video Studio, but I'm still very much doing initial research, so any thoughts on these or alternative suggestions would be very appreciated!  Any general tips to go with suggestions would also be appreciated given I'm essentially completely new to this.

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I would recommend blender (, honestly. It has a really good video editor integrated which works with HD content, separated audio channels, multiple video channels, simple image/text overlays, some effects etc.

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I'm going to suggest Davinci Resolve. It satisfies all your requirements. Initially I thought it was too complex for my needs, but then after spending some time with it, I've discovered that it's actually quite easy to use for basic stuff. Follow a couple of video tutorials from youtube and you should be able to get going without too much effort.


If that doesn't suit you, maybe look into PowerDirector, though i don't have personal experience with it.

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