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One small pixel leaking on the otherside

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I am using D3D11 and I have just implemented HDR Bloom and realized I had a problem with 1 pixel leaking on the otherside of the screen. It seems like I had it before implementing the bloom, it's just that the bloom made it more visible, so I could notice it.







The right side has the light source or in this case just a bright background. Tonemapping and eye adaptation making it brighter. And when bloom is applied it is more noticeable. I use deferred rendering so the problem should be there, because even if I disable tonemapping, eye adaptation and bloom, or even FXAA, I see a really small pixel on the sides. These small pixels seem to be the "continuation" or just a duplication of the pixel on the other side, but all of the sides have this problem.


Then I checked the Graphics Debugger. But when I look the render targets and it's outputs, there is no pixel leaking, only after bloom with it's gaussian blur. The bright pass texture doesn't have that problem, the otherside of the light source is pure black (0, 0, 0).


But then why do I keep getting the problem after disabling bloom?

If the problem is even before that why isn't it showing on the render targets in the debugger?

The problem shouldn't be when rendering to the backbuffer, because if so, it shouldn't be glowing with the bloom.


And yes, I do use AdjustWindowRect.

I tried to render the scene in a smaller viewport but it gives the same results. It doesn't render anything outside, but the leaking still occurs. It does the same in FullScreen mode.


I don't know what to do now. Thank you in advance.

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