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Java Developer Needed

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Darkrise Online is a Minecraft server being developed as an MMORPG based around games like Ultima Online, Shadowbane, and Darkfall.


I've been working on this project for nearly 2 years with a 3rd party developer, however he is no longer able to work on this project. I have decided that in order to get this project off the ground I need to bring in a few developers that have a vested interest to see this through.


I'm looking for 2-3 Java developers to join as full partners with equal profit sharing. Server hosting and other expenses will be fully maintained by me during development for as long as needed.


If you have never coded for Minecraft I know enough to get you setup with the tools you will need that are specific to Minecraft.


Game Features

  • Full loot pvp
  • Territory control, capture and own Faction bases
  • Political system, players can join Factions, declare enemies and allies
  • Persistant world with automated regenerating resource nodes
  • Custom item database with 21 armor sets and over 100 weapons/bows and other custom items.
  • 40+ spells that level as you use them
  • Classless system that scales your skills, spells, etc the heavier armor you wear
  • Global virtual banking system with a global marketplace accessed from the various towns and faction bases
  • The default Minecraft crafting system has been completely replaced with my own custom gui
  • The default enchanting system has been completely replaced with an item based recipe system (uses my custom crafting gui)
  • Player housing, houses that players are able to claim, rent and pay taxes on. These houses can be shared with friends, depending on the type of house.
  • Village control points that uses my custom "War of the Houses" system that allows Factions to join a house and fight over control points

Never played on a Minecraft Server?

Servers are able to monetize income through a server store by offering in game perks. (not talking about pay 2 win features)


The earning potential is limitless, there's 100's of Minecraft servers generating from a few thousand dollars a month to well over $50k a month.


For those of you that have played on a Minecraft server:

This is not a world that players build on, everything is prebuilt and eventually Faction bases will be "crafted" in order to build them up. Currently Faction bases are pre-placed and the players claim the territory the bases are on.


Resources are collected from resource nodes that are spread out throughout the world. Think of games like world of warcraft, runescape, etc, if you want ore you find an ore node and collect the ore, the actual node doesn't go away, it just runs out of resources and refills after a set amount of time.


Due to how resources are collected, the world never has to be reset.


My Responsibilities

  • Maintain expenses during development (server hosting, etc)
    • The current dedicated server allows for approximately 175 players
  • Community Manager
  • Website/Server Marketing/Promotion
  • Maintain our website, social media sites (facebook, twitter, google+, steam and youtube)
  • Maintain the Wiki
  • Manage Volunteer Staff (moderators, builders, etc)
  • World Development
  • Configuring plugins/features in game and in config files
    • As a Java developer you will create the tools for each project that I will use setup game features
    • As an example, if you were to create a race selection plugin, you wouldn't actually create the races. You would create a system that allows me to design races and give them special features controlled through .yml config files.
  • and anything else needed


  • 1-2 years + Java Experience
  • 15-20 hours a week (I usually put in 2x this amount)
  • Microphone
  • Mature, Self Motivated and Responsible (I'm 39 years old, however I'm not worried about your age as much as I care about you being self motivated and able to complete projects)

If you have further questions you can contact me by PM or on skype: dirty.diggler



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