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Earth-size planetary maps as game worlds

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forgedmaps_pics_3c.pngDo you ever consider for a game world of the size of the whole Earth?

Have you thought about transition from tiles or pixels game maps to real geographical maps in which geographical objects (islands, lakes, rivers, etc) can be manipulated as arbitrary polygons defined by geographical coordinates? A new project based on the procedural generation technique is for creating fictional planet-size maps and reliefs.


What can be achieved using such maps.

  • Really huge world: ideal for massive multiplayer games or/and open worlds. As an option you can enable only a part of such world in the game and open other parts with the development of the world.
  • Terraforming: add astrobleme, cracks or even raise mountains. Already available map features can also be modified. Is wanted the sinking of Atlantis? Not a problem.
  • Users can be allowed to place objects on the map (houses, castles, roads, etc): problem with placement of housing in MMORPGs can be finally resolved.
  • Such worlds can be very diverse by geographic features, styles and bioms.

Although the mentioned project is a startup, some maps already avalable. Indie-developers can get planetary map for free.

Some maps are really beautiful.

forgedmaps_map_7.png forgedmaps_map_4.png



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