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Homeworld 2 (original) map scripting problems

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Homeworld 2 maps are scripts written in lua 4 (possibly a lua 4 varient. not certain).

I wrote a random map script with different variations to choose from each time the script is run. It was horribly messy, but it let me test the various map types (by forcing the type choice instead of randomly choosing type).

Once I had the various types working, I decided to rewrite the entire thing from scratch, using the messy map for reference, and write it cleaner to share so others could enjoy it. I put commonly used code pieces into functions, etc.

Only, the rewrite doesn't work. But any lua tools I used to check the code say the code is good (though only some error types can be detected that way). I know it is a runtime issue, because the game compiles the scripts before hitting the main menu, so any compile errors crash the game before it starts. The odd thing is, usually runtime issues with the map scripts crash the game while loading the "universe," but in this case, it crashes at the very end of the loading screen.

One of the problems I've run into in trying to debug the issue is that I can not find information on lua 4. Everything I find is all for lua 5, even the error checking tools.

I am hoping someone can point me at some lua 4 resources, or maybe a resource about what lua functions don't work with homeworld 2 (original, not remastered). I don't mind doing research, but I suck horribly at finding relevent resources.

I can post the code this weekend for more detailed help, but right now I hoping for some reading material that might shed light on the issue.

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