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Shannon Green

Clockmaker Tock, RPG Turn Based, unique.

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The Clockmaker, Tock
The Clockmaker, Tock is a science fiction and fantasy role-playing game. The game features a unique turn-based battle system, based on puzzling combinations and technique. Graphically, The Clockmaker, Tock is priceless; combining art and expression with scientific discovery. An orchestral soundtrack of over one hundred compositions, a fine addition. The story is the best bit, a hard one to forget.

Clockmaker Tock, or 'Tock', for short, is neither the protagonist or antagonist, but the good or evil agonist. Tock is wise – of a timeless imagination. His style is yesterday's and tomorrow's news; a Clockmaker by profession.

Clockmaker's turn-based battle system is centred around Tock, his powers and time. Special effects are prestige, and grade is purport. Art, Eng and Tor, are sub-types, of a type of power, Time Magic. In combination with Red and Blue Magic, Green and Yellow Magic, and Black and White Magic, an original arithmetic is designed.

Time Magic, the folk name 'Time's Steer', is a combination of a metaphor, in the form of an antique, an aphorism, in the form of a shout, and a twist, in the form of a special effect. An Art, Eng and Tor combination is selected at the start of battle, without cost; a change made after the first selection, is costly.

Art, or the branch of the twist, changes the atmosphere and look of environments: inverted colours, sepia tone and warm colours are of the environmental effects. Playable characters, NPCs and enemies, finely blend with all graphical variants of Art. Throughout the storyline are moments suited for many of the Art casts, and in some scenes a certain Art cast is preferred – great graphical twists in time.

Examples of Art
2 Ticks Out: +50% Evasion.
Purple Maestro: - Double-cast Red and Blue magic.
Sunlight Afternoon: – +33.3% to Counter

Eng, or the branch of the metaphor, uses finite collectables, found in the Clockmaker universe, called antiques, to change statistics, of your team, or a member of your team. Metaphors, visually, will fit the statistical effect of the Eng cast. Eng casts cause a change in scenery, a different camera angle, and on occasions, an added-effect.

Examples of Eng
The Water Well: Water-based spells have a 50% MP reduction.
A Grey Hair: Remove one Eng cast, make an additional Tor cast.
Muddy Boot: Normal Attacks do not effect the far right playable character.

Tor, or the branch of the aphorism, is Tock, the main character, specific. Aphorisms of NPCs, some enemies and bosses, and playable characters, amassed throughout Clockmaker, are spoken in battle for hostile effects.

Tor casts alter the stance, tone and/or expression of playable characters.

Examples of Tor
“A skip, a jump, a slalom – a rose”
Enemies take 5% - 25% reflected damage when a Normal Attack is used.
“A blue ribbon on your shoulder, a pink on hers and mine”
Enemies cannot use curative-magic on noon and midnight turns.
“The colour on my robe”
Enemies may not use the same type of magic as the central character, if magic is used.

Red and Blue Magic. Red casts, are learned from enemies and bosses, and Blue casts effect Tock's Pet, also learned from enemies and bosses, and from some items. Tock's Pet, is a feature of Clockmaker where a player may capture a non-sentient enemy to fight as a fourth party member. Experience and Blue Magic boosts Tock's Pet's statistics.

Examples of Red and Blue Magic
Tiger's Eye: 33.3% chance to Petrify enemy.
Broken Swords: +10% Evasion, +10% Critical Hit.
Feed: Feed an item to Tock's Pet, for listed effect.
Blue Dragon: Increase all Tock's Pet's statistics by 10pts.

Examples of Yellow and Green Magic
Yellow and Green Magic is a type of magic based on combinations of circular, or spherical, rotation. There are eight Green and Yellow casts in total. Clock 1, 2, 3, 4 (spherical rotation); Orbit 1, 2, 3, 4 (circular rotation). A clock displaying the time, and an orb displaying light and dark. Green and Yellow casts are 2-parted, a clock part and an orbit part. Clock at 4, with a Clock 1 cast, changes to Clock at 1, another Clock 1 cast, Clock 2 – the same logic for Orbit.

Clock and Orbit combinations, effect Light and Luck; there is good luck, bad luck, the fool, the wizard, evening, morning, day, night and more. You can change as many times as you want in a turn, but the current effect is reversed, and the newer effect is activated at the end of the current turn.

Clock 2 Top Right, Orbit 4 Midnight: Good Luck: +20% rare item drop chance.
Clock 2 Top Right, Orbit 2 Noon: Foolishness: +20% Damage, - 20% Health.
Clock 4 Bottom Left, Orbit 1 Morning: Morning: +5% health regeneration each turn.
Clock 3 Bottom Right, Orbit 3 Evening: Evening, +5% damage reflected.

Black and White Magic, the traditional magic type; four elemental types, curative, cursed, and more. Deals a type of damage, or heals damage done; removes hostile status effects or adds friendly status effects; and more. A character instructed in white Magic, cannot be instructed in Black Magic.

Extra Information

Attack, Defend, Counter (10% miss chance, 0 miss chance, 66.6% miss chance).

Summons; titans, aeons, spirits, angels, demons or any legendary being who replaces the party for a period in battle. Summons have set abilities, all summons can earn experience and be greater.

Idea, a unoriginal concept in Clockmaker, of scrolls, books and similar items; each having a spell or summon attributed.

Item command and special commands; guard, event, run.

Clockmaker is an unfinished project I, Shannon Green, am in the making of.

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Cool, what have you done so far?

That's a lot of text all at once, was there some specific part you wanted to discuss our wanted feedback on?

100 orchestral tracks sounds expensive, you must have quite a good budget!

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