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warning C4309: 'specialization': truncation of constant value

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Here, I'm calling uint32_t version of Packer::pack, but I'm getting this warning. 

Could someone help me out? Thanks!

Packer packer;
packer.pack<0, 127>(7u); //no warning
packer.pack<0, 128>(7u); //warning
class Packer

const void * getData() const;
std::size_t getDataSize() const;
void pack(bool data);

template <std::int8_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::int8_t>::min)(), std::int8_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::int8_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::int8_t data);

template <std::uint8_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint8_t>::min)(), std::uint8_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint8_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::uint8_t data);

template <std::int16_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::int16_t>::min)(), std::int16_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::int16_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::int16_t data);

template <std::uint16_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint16_t>::min)(), std::uint16_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint16_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::uint16_t data);

template <std::int32_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::int32_t>::min)(), std::int32_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::int32_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::int32_t data);

template <std::uint32_t min = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint32_t>::min)(), std::uint32_t max = (std::numeric_limits<std::uint32_t>::max)()>
void pack(std::uint32_t data);



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