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Chris The DestroyeR

Story/Dialogue Writer needed.

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Hello, im Chris .  Ive been in game development for a few years mainly working with the visuals and scripting. My story writing  is decent, but I'm now working on a sequel instead of a anticipated prequel I had in mind. Which calls for new plot that I wasn't prepared for. Even though the series is non comercial there's a pretty well developed fanbase and they requested the sequel. I figured I could recruit a writer or maybe even a few. To save this post from being miles long I'll provide specific info on requests. My Email :                 The engine is vx ace, the platform is andriod (thanks to Kernys app)                                            The setting takes place 4 years after a ecconomy/government   devastation, civilization being rebuilt for the most part. So its very modern with more of a recovered post-apocoalyptic theme. The protagonists being responsible for maintaining the peace throughout the lore now live simple lives until discovering a demonic mask stealing the mind of a loved one embodying him with powers to mess with dimensions and what-not (this is approaching where it needs a more talented writer) then the story unfolds into somehow  traveling to other worlds for some purpose of saving them? perhaps? regardless,  the world's are older cartoons such as "ed edd n eddy", "courage the cowardly dog",  "invader zim" and others. It's really coming together well and I have the first chapter completed. I have screenshots, gameplay videos, and concept art to provide. 

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