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Help with speed to platform distance scaling?

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I'm in the process of creating an endless runner, and one of the features that I've been trying to implement effectively is a distance between platforms that scales with the speed you're running (-hspeed of the platforms). Essentially, the faster you run, the further you can jump. The problem is that I really don't know how to go about doing it. Here is my code for alarm[0] in the controller object that generates the platforms:

var len =irandom_range(global.playerspeed*10,global.playerspeed*16);
var rany = irandom_range(-20,20);
var floor_number = 0;
xx = 16
repeat (len){    
    new_floor = instance_create(room_width+xx,160+rany,obj_floor)
    var yy2 = 0; 
        yy2 += 16
        instance_create(new_floor.x, new_floor.y + yy2, obj_floor);
    floor_number ++
    if (floor_number < len - 4 and floor_number > 4 ){
        //if irandom(100) < 10 instance_create(room_width+xx,new_floor.y - 1, obj_enemy);
    xx += 16;
alarm[0] = ????

I'm essentially trying to get the alarm to set to a scaling value at the end. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I going about the platform generation the wrong way? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!








Oh, and I also found that if the len == 1 global.playerspeed == 3 and alarm[0] == 10, the floors are seemingly spaced apart by their own width like this:


I've been playing around with those ratios but they don't seem to scale up properly. Maybe I'm missing something, though...

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In a similar project I used this:

float gap_limit = SLOW_GAP_LIMIT * speedRatio;
std::uniform_real_distribution<float> gapRand(0.0f, gap_limit);

Where speedRatio = speed / startingSpeed and SLOW_GAP_LIMIT was a tuned value.


You'll probably have to play with it a bit. That worked for the project it was in because the maximum speed kept it in a sane range. If we had uncapped the speed and somehow a player was able to continue accelerating for long enough it may have stopped working at some point.

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