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3D artists, Level designers, Animators, Environment concept artists wanted for skyrim like game!

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Contact: vagastudios@gmail.com


Vale of Murak


Story introduction: In the game you play as William Hart, the son of the king who has outlawed wizardry and spellcasting. The story starts when he witness the execution of a man that has been charged for multiple thefts and conjuration in the capital (Goldwyn) in the kingdom of Murak. The king wants you to watch the execution so he can prepare you for being a king once he himself dies. William soon realizes that he has the ability to cast spells, and feels drawn to the mysterious world of wizardry. As the story unfolds to the player, it becomes apparent that the kingdom is at war with more than its intolerant king. Discover the lore of Vale of Murak today!

This game combines realistic stunning open world gameplay, complex skills development, character customization, advanced magic combat with a deep story and many hours of quests. 

Project Managers:

The two starters of this project, Wannes Vanoyenbrugge and Jorn Segers have multiple Steam Greenlight™ projects in their game portfolio. The two Belgian game creators will be directing the entire team along with directing programming. 

Art Directors: 

Nathaniel Rudichuk and Taylor Brandenburger are two North American concept artists and 3D modellers who have an eye for design. Under their direction the team produces work efficiently and to the highest quality, while allowing everyone to add their personal creative input. 
Revshare, we have a payment agreement ready to protect your rights on that.
The estimated time of the development is around 1 year, so the challenge is really to just keep going. We have around 10 daily active members now, including a music composer, some programmers, and a bunch of artists. We would like to reach a total of 20 members very soon, with most of them being artists. 


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I know you anr't looking for musicians, but I couldn't help myself. Skyrim is currently my main source of inspiration for my game music making and I'll be damn if I didn't respond to a post with this kind of topic. :)


Check me out if you want: gammis.se


If you need to contact me, use email: axel.ovekrans@gmail.com


I hope you find everyone you are looking for. Best of luck to you!

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