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Looking For A Team

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This guy right here https://www.linkedin.com/in/israel-casillas-jr-80235751, that's me... hello.

  • Freelance web dev with focus on esports for past 5 years ( Frontend, Backend: LAMP )

  • Launched couple joint ventures recently that are reaching millions of users ( I work with several youtubers, and esports players, provided free tech/web help in exchange for client/friend helping grow my network )

Due to success of my current projects i will have a small steady income that exceeds my expenses over the course of the next couple of months and i plan to use it on side projects. No i will not be rich but it should be enough to bootstrap/kick start several projects that i have in mind ( 1 side project involves 2 games playable on - web, pc, mobile, and potentially console ).

Nothing revolutionary just a few games i wish i had available at my fingertips that would be insanely fun/popular and in all honesty i just miss. People may have listed here before, difference here is i have a large user base/network within esports and youtube industry that we will be able to promote through, several esports projects that now reach millions of users, a few large youtubers within my network that still owes me a few favors, and hopefully just enough money to bootstrap this into existence.

  • Multiplayer MUGEN: when i was around 13-14 i f%cking loved playing and creating different mods for this on my pc. Not sure of license, how difficult, or whether or not we could use but aside from core functionality another change i would make is an open marketplace of characters ( micro-transaction ) generated/created by ourselves, community and or random designers ( rev share ) sent to us to create proper move sets and inserted in game ( needs to be balanced ).

  • FPS Gun Games: A game mode i miss Black Ops 2 "One In The Chamber" with possibility of Black Ops II "Gun Game" - Search on Google

I have a lot of ideas/goals for both projects aside from whats listed above BUT our main focus would be MVP -> market -> scale ( obviously ). My end goal is to establish a subdivision of esportsplus ( my business ) that is dedicated/funded to primarily pump out games thought of internally and/or offer services to others. I would primarily like to work on our own games since i have a ton of others i would like to bootstrap/test or you may bring a few ideas so essentially small Indie Game Studio bootstrapping with a focus of small MVP's to throw and test with massive markets that i currently have access/marketing funnel to.

SO... i have begun searching for freelance game devs/designers that would be interested in working on this. MUGEN game is my primary goal/focus so i would like to work on that first. If anyone is interested PM resume/experience/portfolio. While i obviously know most will only be interested in pay keep in mind i do not have Angel/VC funding, etc. i will have to work within my means but i intend to get back to and negotiate with anyone truly interested, If you are an industry freelance professional looking for work this may not be the best fit since my sole focus is bootstrapping as much as possible. I have some idea of what the cost would look like but i would be lying if i said i knew the exact cost/estimate. Honestly everything is in place for it to succeed ( available no cost marketing funnel to initial target demo - gamers ) as long as the game is fairly well built i wont have an issue growing it.

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Your idea seems very nice.


I don't know if I got the idea correctly, but, one of your ideas is something like mugen but with a marketplace for characters that may look like steam workshop, maybe? With the difference that may be paid assets, right?


Well, I loved mugen when I was a kid too. I haven't touched it for ages now, at least 10 years (I'm 27 right now), but, as a C# developer, it shouldn't be a problem to me right now.


About me, I'm a C# developer with a little more than 1 year of experience with Unity. I'm not a pro, but not a novice anymore. I would be happy to work in this kind of project and I don't mind if the project may not be paid (actually, I don't care about it at all, I'm looking for a team in order to improve my skills further).


We can talk more, with you want, you can contact me in joaogbdesouza@gmail.com


Best regards


João "Johnny" Gabriel

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