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Pix Craft

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Hi All!


I've been working on Pix Craft for just over a year and it is now reaching a good state of maturity. The game is fully playable and has reached a stable state which could be called finished. Features and improvements are being added as time goes on and are requested by the players.


Pix Craft is a sandbox game which allows you to build a world in the way you want. It is set in an near-infinite procedural generated world with different biomes and weather patterns. Each biome contains a village at its center. Here you can purchase supplies, read books at the library (the in-game manuals) and also interact with the village PixBot.


I am using Unity3D with C# and Visual Studio, Blender and Audacity as the main tools. I also use Genetica for many of the textures and normal maps.


My target platform is Android.


Attached are some screenshots of the latest version (v2.5.1):












For those interested, you can download a playable version here:


Let me know your thoughts, comments and questions!

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