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Question about facebook ads for appinstalls

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I wonder if anyone here have experience with running facebook ads for getting clicks and installs of their app/game? (I dont have an sdk installed that can track installs so I pay by click)

I have a couple of questions.


1. FIrstly when they talk about "link clicks" do that mean actual clicks to the store? Because their description of it is a bit vauge and seem to also include things like liking the ad I think. Also since I am running video ads I am wondering if even starting the video counds as a click. In the description it say that only clicks on a video that is embedded on another site counts as a link click though. The reason I am extra sceptical to this though is that the total views in my storepage does not seem to correlate in how many link clicks I got (store views are often less than actual link clicks)


2. iTunes Connect have a really nice feature where you can create a custom campaign link that gives a custom adress to your storepage, you can then use this link to track views and installs. However it does not seem to be possible to insert this custom link into facebook ads and have it tracked that way because it seems facebook ads use the generic link once it finds the app on the store. Is there any way to do this though some way?

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