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Programmer looking for 2d artist for project

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Hey all,


I'm a programmer entering the last stages of a BAS in software development. I prior unity experience and wanted to write a unity game as a final project for a class.


The thing is, the game is turning out to be pretty fun, so I want to keep working on it.


It's a top down shooter similar to the old strike games (desert strike, jungle strike, urban strike, etc), and requires the player to switch between a tank and aircraft to complete mission objectives. I already have a pretty good start on the project and have an idea of the direction I want to go. However, I'm currently using sprites from Open Game Art and so I'm limited in what I can do.


You can play a demo of what I've made so far here:




I it pans out, I don't mind publishing it and sharing the profit (steam, GOG, etc).


I'd rather have a more modern setting with a helicopter gunship instead of fixed wing (makes way more sense).


Feel free to PM me.


You can see my portfolio here (it's not inclusive, but has a brief selection)

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