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Angelic Ice

Visual Studio: Linux Remote

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Hello forum : )


I wanted to switch from my CI toolchain to Visual Studio's way of doing Linux development.

Originally, I created a CMake-file for Linux, my CI triggered upon changes on my Git and pushed that CMake-file to my Linux and built it via an IDE.


As Visual Studio offers C++-"Linux-Projects" that can use a remote machine to compile code, I would like to use that instead.

Though, I never did all these remote things and cannot really figure it out.


What I have:

Visual Studio 2017 RC

Lubuntu 32 bit as VM on my Windows 7 64 bit host


How do I setup my Linux as a remote?

I have no idea to be honest. Do I have to create a network with my Linux VM? Are there any guides on making this work?

How do I turn my Linux into a remote machine? I installed all the following dependencies: OpenSSH-Server, G++, GDB and GDBserver.


How do I share my code base between projects?

As it seems that they removed "add as link", I need to use "Shared Item Project", add all files to it and then just put that into "References" of my Linux project?

Is it better to have an additional project that is named "Platform Independent Code"? Then have a "Windows Build", "Linux Build" and so on that references the independent base?



By the way, I thought (Visual)GDB wants a subscription fee for their software? So, is that a catch and I actually cannot do this for free?


Thanks for taking your time!

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