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Looking for a pixel artist for a mini project

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I am creating a short game, and I need some basic 16-bit sprites.The game will be uploaded to gamejolt so it's not paid or anything, just a little practise in game making. If you want ot know the scale of the job here's a list of what I need:

  • A child with a hat (male)
  • A child (male)
  • A child (female)
  • A small house setting with common furniture
  • A small school setting
  • A short street setting with 6 houses and a playground

And for the record, I guess I could try and get these online from free sprite sites or whatever but I generally prefer a more custom work. I also don't need great quality, if it looks somewhat like erathbound it will be great, and the settings can be even 8-bit.


(for those who need context for earthbound's quality)



Thank you to whoever replies!

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