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Game Designer, Developer and 2D Artist in MMO CCG project

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Hi All,

I'm looking Game Designer, Developer and 2D Artist for development of MMO RPG with CCG elements (space + sci-fi setting)

The current state of project - 60% ready. It is in beta stage, there is small daily online (20-100ppl) and turned on possibility to monetize it. However there are a lot things to be done to make it profitable.


To continue this project it is need a team with:

1. Game Designer. You have to love CCG and RPG games. You have to love sci-fi. You know how to balance MMO games and have ability to write quests.

2. Developer. The project is written on JavaScript (Node.js - server, Canvas + React). So you have to know these technologies. 

3. 2D Artist. You can make nice sci-fi paints


You may try project at


Renumeration of participation: profit sharing


If you are interesting do not hesitate to contact me (info at beyondthestars dot com)


thank you for your time


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