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Weird string behavior when using ?:

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Encountered a weird behavior in string addition today on the latest SVN build:
string foo = "foo" + (true ? string("bar") : "bar");
string bar = "foo" + (false ? "bar" : string("bar"));
string foobar = "foo" + (true ? "bar" : "bar");
print(foo); // barbar
print(bar); // foobar
print(foobar); // foobar
The obviously-broken case here is the first one, which turns into "barbar". I wasn't able to reproduce this with integers or a simple script class with an opAdd method, so perhaps this is exclusive to the scriptstdstring addon?

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Just ran into another string-related issue, perhaps it's related. The following never passes:
if (wButton.m_func == "scenario " + m_currentScenario.GetID())
Neither does this:
string id = m_currentScenario.GetID();
if (wButton.m_func == "scenario " + id)
But this DOES pass:
string id = "scenario " + m_currentScenario.GetID();
if (wButton.m_func == id)
Here, wButton.m_func is defined in scripts, and GetID() is a method registered by C++ with declaration "string GetID()".

This seemed to have started happening after updating the WIP SVN version (we were already using the WIP version before but we were a little behind).

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I've fixed this now in revision 2368.


All of the scenarios were caused by the same bug. A temporary variable was being overwritten when invoking overloaded operators with left-to-right evaluation. This bug was introduced in the WIP itself. Good thing you identified the problem before I released the new version. :)

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