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Mass Murder Simulator

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This game is features and probably content complete.

It's a top-down shooter with an FPS-style control scheme that run son PC only (made in Game Maker).

It's a bit morally gray, even if you have a demented sense of humor.

The production quality is low, since I did all the graphics myself.

The UI is atrocious, but the game is quite playable, functional and actually fun to play.

This project was really just something for me to practice with, but it turned out to be something playable.

Everyone I've had try it has liked it, but they were all like-minded gamers, so that's kind of inconclusive.

I'm generally looking for feedback on it. 

Should I polish it up and make it look more professional or not bother with it and start my next project?

Any feedback would be very welcomed, especially critical feedback.


(edit: I uploaded it to Yoyo, since downloading an exe from some dude's Dropbox is sketchy at best)

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