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Daniel Leon

Artist and Programmer for ambitious 4X game

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I am looking to form a team for the creation of a turn based strategy game to be sold on Steam. This is an ambitious project with the goal of creating a solid product that can gather recognition for the quality of all its components.


As an independent project, compensation for participation will depend highly on the success of the game after the culmination of the project. Additionally, I can offer to do whatever it is within my power to promote and give credit to the work and effort of every member during and after the end of the project.


Currently, I am looking to feel the positions of a Lead Programmer, and a Lead Graphic Designer. Additional positions may become available in the future after I am able to gather a more detail scope of the game and judge if the workload of the project requires additional help.


As lead positions, I am looking for member with certain level of experience that can demonstrate the ability to carry the weight of the project on their respective fields.


If you believe you have the potential and dedication to fill up the positions, please contact me at any time. Also, if you have the creative talent for a position not currently listed, please contact me describing why you believe you can be an asset to the team.


Please, take the time to read the following synopsis of the project, and decide if you could be interested on working with us.



Project Description


Samsara is a turn based strategy game set in a fantasy setting, in which the player must overcome ongoing challenges in a multiplayer environment.


Samsara follows the 4X formula (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) and draws inspiration from games such as the Civilization franchise. Similarly, Samsara will have the player progress through 4 distinct technological eras, each with a unique setting and varying scenarios in any given playthrough.


The eras that the player will transition through include ancient times and early forms of magic, medieval times and evolved practice of magic, Victorian age Steampunk, and the future work of Cyberpunk.


Samsara introduces a unique gameplay mechanic by slightly modifying the 4X formula. The exterminate aspect of the 4X formula is downplayed by increasing the importance of cooperation. This characteristic is pertinent as the key to victory lies in diplomatic relations to obtain the necessary advantages to outlast all other players in a land, where the environment is the biggest threat.



Looking forwards to hearing from you


Daniel Leon


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Hi Axel,


Thank you for you interested on the project. I enjoyed the quality of your work, and we currently need somebody to do music for our game.


I will need to show your work to the rest of the team and reach a consensus. I will get back to you by no later than Friday the 9th.


In the mean time please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the project.


Best regards


Daniel Leon

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