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Martin Eriksen

2D Artist Needed for Digger Like Game

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I am working on a game similar to the classic "Digger" for Android TV. See this link:


I have previously released games for Android Phones with millions of downloads so expect the finished product to be of professional quality. Hopefully we will get a lot of users but it is hard to tell. I don't plan to make any money initially - but if we do get 10s of thousands of downloads maybe I will think of monetisation. So it is a a hobby project you shouldn't expect to make money; see it as a way of showcasing your talent - potentially on 1000s or even millions of TVs around the world. If however the game turns out to be a hit and we monetise I would suggest we agree that for example the first few 1000 USD goes to you.


Needed assets:


- Ground texture, maybe High res - 1920x1080 pixels

- Background texture - maybe this is just a darker version of the ground texture

- A player and a few monster characters


- A few smaller sprites - boulders, diamonds for example.


If you want to go crazy we can make a few themes and have different worlds in the game but shouldn't be necessary initially.


I like the style and quality in the video linked above so aiming for something like that would be a good start.


Hope you are interested, let me know if you are and we can chat more :-)


Best regards,





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Hi I'm traditional artist that has recently turned to digital mediums. I want to someday work in the industry and this seems like a good way to get to started.



Thank you for consideration,


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