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Ivan Heerkens

[Making a Team] QuestEvent is looking for people!

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Dear Artists and Creators =)


I'm Fivang - Director of QuestEvent and im looking for some people to help me out with the new version of QuestEvent!
On this moment im working on my very own on this game, but i see that it is getting too much for me to handle alone.
Thats why im posting here!

What is QuestEvent?

QuestEvent is a 2D RPG Game based on RuneScape and other big RPGMMO games.
We will bring all the good stuff from those games into QuestEvent to make it a good game.
More information can be found on Steam!

What are you looking for?

Im looking for people for almost everything you can imagine.
Here is a list: Design, Audio, Social Media, Art, Development and even Translators.


Okay... Cool! But what is the meaning of all those "jobs"?

- Design: Thinks about new content and works it out into very small details so the Devs can intergrate it into the game.
- Audio: We need some cool new Audio for the game! That is what you do in this job!
- Social Media: Takes care of Twitter, Facebook and makes/updates the Website. Also Steam Community things.
- Art: Designing new pictures and items/landscape/sprites for the game. Like the Logo for Steam or a tree for in the game.

- Development: Helping me to create the game in RPG Maker VX Ace. No programming required but can be handy!

- Translators: Translating the game into several languages.



Cool! Does it pay any? And where can i contact you?

We will not give you any money for the job. It is on a volunteer base. 
You will get a free copy of QuestEvent at the start =)

You can contact me via this post or send an email to questevent@ivanheerkens.nl.
Please send us your Name, Age, Email, Job you apply for and ofcourse why!
You can also send your Summary with it if you like. Not required.


Thanks for reading and i'll hope to see you in the near future as a worker for QuestEvent!

Fivang - Ivan Heerkens


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Two quick questions:


1) This game is already being sold on Steam, so I'm a bit confused as to what exactly this team will be doing...are you selling an incomplete game right now, or are you working on making a sequel or content packs?


2) This game is being sold on Steam, so why the decision to not pay the team you're collecting? Typically volunteer projects on gamedev are volunteer because they're a labor of love or an experience-building exercise, is there some reason you're doing things differently? 

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Dear EmhemX

Thanks for your reply on my topic.

To answer your questions:
1) QuestEvent is indeed already purchasable on Steam. But the game eneds updates.  more content for the players Free of charge.


2) The game sells for €2.99 each. just a little fee to cover the engine costs and website (Website is down at this moment)  The most of the money will be reverted back into the game to make it even better. So i dont earn much from it at all =)   For the rest. The game is just a hobby of mine, not my work. So thats why it will be a job on a volunteer base.

I'll hope that i have answered your questions. If not, don't hesitate to contact me again =)


Fivang - Ivan Heerkens

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Bit of a creative streak and like to critically think, would like to take a shot at game design for the experience.



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