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What to Expect from Sledgehammer Games Interview?

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So I applied on their site.


An Activision recruiter got back to me, and set me up with a phone interview with their Development Director.


This phone interview was 2 days ago, for ~30 min.


I'm still mulling it all over in my mind,  I was a lot more chatty and nervous then I've ever been in any interview.


Hell, I do phone/ Skype/ VOIP convos  for years now with no issue, it's my primary mode of communication.


This felt different somehow.


I've done phone interviews before, many times.


They said, if selected for on sight, it would be a 6-8 hour interview series.


I've never done anything like that before, and beyond the research I did, that talked a bit about this. I'm not sure what to expect.


If selected, I'd be working in production for the next Call of Duty.


Beyond just awaiting their decision, is there anything else I should do or know about these guys?


The interviewer said multiple times I had good experience, even tho it's not formal.


But, there were also a few times he was asking a specific question, and I went all passionate Idealistic, instead of the direct answer.

I usually don't do that during an interview.


How do I damp down my passion a bit, so I can give them a shorter answer?

I know we ran out of time more, since I went all chatty....




This was my 1st ever direct convo with a  AAA studio in an employment context.

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It's been forever since I interviewed with Activision, and never with Sledgehammer, but usually when it's a 6-8 hr interview, it's going to be stupid amount of programming problems.  Either on a whiteboard, or a laptop or even on paper.  I could be wrong, I recall an interview I did with another big company, it was meeting after meeting a wide gamut of the various team members, and little to no programming problems.  


I don't think you need to bother trying to sound less passionate, as long as you're answering their questions.  And not just BSing an answer.  It's okay to say something like, "I'm not sure, I've never done that, but here's how I'd approach it -- blah blah blah"

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I'm not sure if  it's the AD software, or something else, but all of the ads above are for Call of Duty...   They've found me... corporate stalkers!

It's not the advertiser stalking you - it's the way ads work now. (And the
way phone autocorrect works) - once some information about you is publicly
available, you get targeted ads. Or your phone anticipates names of your
friends or family, and even words you type a lot.

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They called me the other day, and said it was between me, and another guy, they went with him.


I'm feeling pumped tho.


I made it to #2!


The next step wasn't some run of the mill 1 hour interview, but an onsite 6-8 hour series interview.


It's an amazing sign that passion/ hobby projects can take people very far, as far as #2 for a AAA studio.(through the standard screening systems)


I'm now so motivated to just work harder.


#2 is usually pretty good, except the Olympics....

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