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FakeV Fake Video Call For WhatsApp & Viber

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I updated my app. You can generate fake video call screenshot for WhatsApp also. 


FakeV :


Generate fake video call screenshot for Viber & Whatsapp without real video call. Put your photo or someone else to make Viber & WhatsApp jokes. Click OK button, your screenshot of prank video call is ready.

Feel free to put any photo, it is limitless and free.

? Features
- Select photos and quality like WhatsApp video call to generate prank screenshots.
- Enter name and duration like Viber video call.
- Reduce photo quality to be more realistic.
- Transparent icons like Viber & WhatsApp video call to be more realistic.
- Fake notification in the status bar.

QvlQ2V.png                   41k0zQ.png                      zaVnMD.png

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