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Working Game + Professional Programmer looking for artist! (+ possible booth/trip to GDC)

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Hi! I'm a professional programmer ( with years of experience in web and game development. About 2 days ago, I started working on a game prototype. It worked out and I got the base mechanics of the game done, plus a level editor!
The game is in the puzzle genre, with unique mechanics I based off an old game that has not really been rehashed/revived yet, and which I feel can be quite a hit if done right. The nature of the game's mechanics allows for a game that is brimming with personality, which I feel is really popular especially on the mobile market.
The reason I'm looking for a rev-share collaborator is because I really believe in this game, and want someone who I can bounce ideas off with and can form a possible long time partnership with.
The design of the game is going to be inherently juicy, and i feel like the art style that will work wonders for the game is similar to pudding monsters or cut the rope. I would of course be really interested in hearing your opinion as well.
I also have tons of client work experience as well so I can assure you that I'll see this project gets done.

?Thanks! Please pm me so I can send you a link to the game (keeping it under wraps for now ;)

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Hi I'm traditional artist that has recently turned to digital mediums. I want to someday work in the industry and this seems like a good way to get to started.



Thank you for consideration,


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