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All interested in 3D, RPG, build multiplayer online game

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my name is Mehmet and i am going to do my first long term game project.

In a long term project i don t got much experience too but we will do it.


Its a new project and i am searching all kind of interested people.

Beginners are ok too if they have enough time to make also tutorials

to get know how.


It will be a 3D RPG online build game.


Game Engine: Unity3D.

Online internet platform: We use at start open GitHub.

Communication: At start via mail and GitHub comments


Its not a paid job. But if the game make any money later there will be a profit share.

Your job will be calculated in % to the whole project.


At start i want make also a little and easy test in your field with a time duration about

2 weeks. But if you have already produced something and can show me then you don t

need this test. This test is only for me to see if you are a beginner and need first some

tutorials or if you are already advanced so i can give you productions tasks.


So if you are interested send a mail to

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