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RTS Upgrade System

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So as the title suggest I'm currently working on updating a RTS-style game (Its not pure RTS, but there's lots of mechanics from it). Actually, I'm in the process of overhauling the Tech Tree / upgrade system. However, I found out that the old system we use at the moment is hard-coded for everything. This means that if I want to increase damages for towers for example, I have to check if the player has a specific tech and then changes the values as I see fit.


Something like 

if(hasTechnology(TechEnum.ARTILLERY) {

There are some technologies that simply add modifiers but some also change the behaviors of units/structures. (Like unlocking the siege tank ability in StarCraft 2). So my question is how would you implement a system like this without having to hardcode techs/upgrades in the code? My initial idea was to create multiple Interfaces that I'd implement on the various Structures/Units and the techs would simply interact with these interfaces. My implementation didn't work too well since I ended up with a ton of interfaces and most of them were simply used for one specific line of code.


Thanks for your time :)



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A modifier can be as straightforward as a Consumer<Unit>, where you would implement it like:

public enum UnitTech {

  IMPROVED_WEAPONS_1(u -> u.damage *= 1.05),
  IMPROVED_WEAPONS_2(u -> u.damage *= 1.15),
  IMPROVED_ARMOR_1(u -> u.defense *= 1.05),
  IMPROVED_ARMOR_2(u -> u.defense *= 1.10);

  private final Consumer<Unit> modifier;

  public UnitTech(Consumer<Unit> modifier){
    this.modifier = Objects.requireNonNull(modifier);

  public final void apply(final Unit unit){

Then an Unit could have a list of modifiers or something like that, where you'd iterate over it and apply them.


Although thinking a bit, some modifiers with bigger scope (ie, "all ranged units have 10% more range), could be stored somewhere in a list of per-player modifiers, and applied when an unit gets created, rather than storing the same modifier in each unit all the time.


Then you'd have per-unit modifiers that are used when say, terrain gets rough, or some unit applies a negative effect on close enemies. Those would get added/removed on a per-unit basis.

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A basic "upgrade" can be made of basic inheritance and composition.

A class that holds your object:
class Something {

IMyObject _obj;



class First :IMyObject { ....} // This is the "first" level.

class Second : IMyObject {....} // This is the second level.


somewhere in the code:

_obj = new Second(); ...

// Over simplified by you get the point.


A second approach is to use decorators,

class Buff {

private :

Buff mDecoratorBuff;

  void Apply(){

    // Something





So you can apply buffs (or upgrades) as you wish, and each applies its own properties.


These are just examples, apply them carefully to your situation.

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Thanks for the input guys, I'm currently going with a system a bit similar to what TheChubu suggested, where units have a list of Modifiers that can be added/removed as I see fit and each of them can change values on the unit.


I never used Consumer before so I got lots of implementation ideas by looking at how it works, thanks a lot!

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