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[Released] Tower Defense Template

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Tower Defense Template

If you want to create a really ambitious game, then our template can help you with this. Tower Defense Template (TD) includes all the tools needed to create amazing Tower Defense game. Using this template, you can create 2d games such as the Royal Revolt 2, Kingdom Rush, Castle Defense, Bloons TD.

The package includes a level editor that will greatly facilitate your work. Difficulty can be changed directly in the unity editor, replacing a text document, it is wonderful, isn`t it? Also the package includes all the graphics and sound effects.

The game worked out different mechanics that are classic for this genre of games. We would like to assure you, this is not the final product. This template will be developed and refined until it becomes perfect. We are happy to listen to all the proposals of each of the customers and will release relevant updates.
It's no secret that the game of this genre is very popular among the mobile platform players, so start earning right now with our Tower Defense template.

Store link
Demo build for web
Demo build for android
Demo build for PC

Monetization strategy:
- Displaying interstitial ad (admob) every level (you can easily customize yourself when to show ads)
- Sale of diamonds, for which the player can buy powerups.

Key Features:
- Ready to publish
- Easy advertising setting (admob, unity ads) and IAP (google play)
- Mobile friendly
- Intuitive interface
- 2 languages (En / Rus)
- Free oncoming updates
- Great graphics in the Steam Punk genre
- All the graphics included in the package and you can do with it what you want
- A user friendly level editor
- Unity 5 support
- Clean and simple code of C#
- Infinite level
- Addictive gameplay
- Various achievements
- Shop with 5 powerups

Our another assets:
- hidden object template
- shooter skills icon pack
- guess the picture
- tower defense pack

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A lot of changes in the nearest update
1. Updated Tutorial
2. Fixed bug in Achievements with top bar
3. Added options button to start window with exit button in it
4. Added rewarded video and interstitial ads
5. In Upgrades window when player learns new skill, next skill will be selected
6. Added sounds and music
7. Added freezing animation
8. Changed magic missile animation
9. Fixed bosses sizes
10. Added gameplay line – between levels you have won and to the current level
11. Added some map elements
12. Changed balance and waves on levels
13. Items bar in gameplay is now closing when you click outside
14. Changed fonts (old ones are available too)
15. Fixed font errors in editors
16. Fixed error with wrong icons in tower-build menu when you click on different towers and don't confirm
17. Fixed error when some units have been going from wrong place
18. Added achievement-unlocked menu which is shown when you unlock it (in gameplay)
19. Added won/lost menu
20. Fixed restart errors
21. Fixed gray screen before main menu
22. Added confirm menu to buy item in inventory
23. Fixed some gameplay bugs.

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This post will more likely be downvoted, but I'm already tired of Tower Defences, that are just copies of each other. A lot of times their creators don't even know how to do basics in engine they use.

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