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[Android] Managing in-app purchases bought with in-game currency

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Okay, so managed purchases made with real money are great: Play Store will track them for me.  Same goes for purchasing in-app currency which can be consumed.

However, what about purchases made with in-app currency?   Is there some way to manage purchases with a zero real cost?  

One possible alternative is to use Google Play Saved games service; however, looking at the API suggests that this is designed specifically for saved games.  It seems like potentially a lot of unnecessary work when really I just want to persist a tiny amount of data. 


I'm leaning towards not using the Google Play Saved game service, and instead just advising users to "enable backups" on their device if they think they are at risk of uninstalling the application...


Any other options? 

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Not an Android developer, but taking a quick look at the Android In-App Purchases and Google Play docs (which are OMFG horrifically bad) it looks like you might have a hard time.

A typical commerce platform will handle this for you with a concept of Virtual Currency. You'd then be able to create currencies like XP, Coins, Gems, or whatever, and gain/spend them on SKUs, which may themselves be "spendable" (consumable).

Android doesn't seem to have all you need for this. If they do, I can't for the life of me find it in their docs.

You might have to use a third-party platform like PlayFab which gives you a faaaar more sophisticated commerce platform. (PlayFab has Android In-App Purchase integration and has a decent-sounding free tier. Never used it myself, though.)

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Hello guys,

My concern...


I have am trying to use ad network mediation for the first time. I already have an app with AdMob ads, and I want to use mediation in order to show ads from other networks in that same ad unit. I did the following steps in order to try to add the AdColony network:

    Added AdColony network in the "Ad network optimization settings", and put the API key from a newly created AdColony account.
    In AdColony, I added the app I want to show ads in, and created an "Ad Zone" for that app.
    In AdMob, I added the new network to the ad unit. I entered the App ID, and Zone ID from AdColony. It also asked for "Client Options", but I have no idea what that is and left it blank. I left "Ad network optimization" on.
    I put an eCPM of $0.02 next to the ad source

The problem is that, next to the AdColony Ad Source is says "Pending", and it has been this way for almost 4 days.


Please help me!

Thanks guys!

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