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Michael Whitlock

Multiplayer online space shooter looking for helpers

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SpacedOut (working title) is an online multiplayer 2d space shooter game I am developing. The engine is coming along nicely and can support more than enough players on a single server. The project is written in Java using LibGDX, Box2D, and KryoNet. All art is free from places like, but as I'm sure you will agree it looks pretty good. The game is already a working Free-for-all with timed/scored games and soon it will also support team deathmatch and CTF. I am looking for people to help level design/weapon design/number tweaking/general content. I do not need help coding but wouldn't turn it down. I would also gladly welcome any help with art, sounds, music, or a website.


Here is a video demonstrating gameplay:


The lag is my slow computer trying to run video capture, not the game :P


I look forward to hearing from eager developers

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This looks great! :) I've done music to games like this in the past. Check out my site at:

Email me at:


Also, here's a list of old tracks that kind of fit the feel of the game a bit more then most of what I have up on that site... list


Best of luck!

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