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Programmer looking for artist to partner with for competitive multiplayer game

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I have a near gameplay-complete prototype built for a physics-based competitive multiplayer game (think Rocket League) and I'm looking for an artist to partner with to drive art direction for the game. I intend to outsource the production art and pay for it with my own funds, but I'm not an artist, and could use some help defining an art style and working with contractors on producing final assets. The setting will be sci-fi for gameplay reasons, but I have no preconceived style that I'm looking for, so you would have free reign to develop whatever style you'd like.

I'm a server and gameplay programmer by trade and work at a AAA developer, but this is something I've been working on in my own time. My role in this would be client and server programming and level design. If anyone is interested, I'll trade you a prototype download key on for your portfolio. It is a multiplayer game though, so you'll have to play with me and possibly others. smiley.gif

This would be unpaid until I either secure funding or we put something together that looks good enough to do an EA release or Kickstarter campaign. I should emphasize that I'm looking for a partner in this, so you will get paid what and when I get paid.

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I'm an architect student / art hobbyist from Finland, and I'd love to take a shot at impressing you with my art and portfolio. Alas, I've just joined this forum and still need to translate my Finnish portfolio to English (can do it tomorrow though). I have a hobbyist knowledge in 3d-modelling, but I'd love to hear what kind of requirements you need for the quality of the models and other art in general (preferred filetypes and programmes used etc.)

If the spot it still open and I get a change, I can send you a portfolio any day, and discuss the details.

-Ilari Männistö, Lattapotta

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