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Phong model correctness (video)

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Do you guys think this implementation of Phong shading and Phong reflection model is correct?


I use a directionial light pointing exactly where the black line is heading (0, 0, -1). I modify the shininess value later in the video. 

I especially find it strange that when I look in direction exactly opposite to light, the contours of the bunny start glowing (if the shininess factor is low enough). But I have compared my implementation

to a reference from our graphics class and it did the same thing.




// Calculation is performed in world space
vec3 N = normalize(worldNormal);
vec3 specColor = vec3(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);
float ambient = 0.2f;
float NLdot = max(dot(-U::worldLightDirection, N), 0.0f);
float diffuse = NLdot;
vec3 V = normalize(U::worldCameraPosition - worldPos);
vec3 R = normalize(glm::reflect(U::worldLightDirection, N));
float specular = pow(max(dot(R, V), 0.0f), U::shininess);
vec3 shadedColor = (ambient + diffuse) * albedo + specular * specColor;

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